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Curb Appeal

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Winter Curb Appeal at the Front Door

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Yuletide season has just about reached its peak. It’s already got us thinking about taking everything down in a few days, which is always a bummer. No matter which holidays you celebrate, you can leave up welcoming winter decorations at your door until they wither and die. Or until the daffodils and tulips start to bloom, whichever comes first (then it’s time for pastels and brighter colors). Here are a few doors giving us the biggest winter curb appeal.1e557922bbf4202bb4857d6d8ec83bdb-1via


The great thing about these window boxes is you can switch out the bows to change up the mood. The rest is just simple greens nestled in the box. 3ae018065da4e2c590caebf32c595d1c

A red berry wreath can be displayed from September to March and look perfectly suited to the season. Image via

18f552daee012ec92aea11e510384310Whether you’re covered in snow or live in a warmer climate, a citrus theme is a lovely winter decor alternative to the usual evergreens and berries. Wreath by Brandon Pruett, image via


Lemon wreath image via


How do ya like them apples? We like them a lot. An apple and greens wreath is a great way to transition from holiday to the long months of winter ahead. Learn how to make this lovely wreath over at Brooklyn Limestone.

How’s your winter curb appeal working out? Please let us know how you’re making your home more inviting in the comments section; we’d love your tips and advice.

Are you on Pinterest? Be sure to check out all of our favorite holiday pins. And all of our favorite door pins.


Friday, June 7th, 2013

Easy Ways To Window Box


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Is there anything more charming than a good old fashioned window box full of flowers? Even if it’s just old fashioned flowers like impatiens and geraniums, a window box cannot be beat. Here are a few simple formulas for windowbox success.

Start simple. It doesn’t have to be more than one variety of flower and hell, it doesn’t even have to be attached to the window. Sticks some pink geraniums in a rectangular planter, plop it on the wall or on a table and you’re done. Easy.

Same goes for lavender, or any herb for that matter. Especially if you’re in an apartment and want easy access to basil or rosemary – just plant it in a window box outside the kitchen window.

Go a little patriotic. Red, white and green. Impatiens and begonias look great from Memorial Day through the Fourth of July and may even keep on trucking through Labor Day. BTW, Creeping Jenny is available in some states, though you may have trouble finding it in others as its on the old invasive list. If you want to go super-patriotic, add some bluish-purple salvia or ageratums.

Go for a wildflower look. Lots of greens and dangling vines go great with a rustic garden. Verbena, sweet potato vine and trumpet creeper are good choices that will hang below the box.

Go for it. Once you’re comfortable with designing with window boxes, throw everything you know will work in there. So long as you have the right light, drainage, and check to make sure certain plants won’t become too large for the box, pack ’em in. Additionally, I always like to reassess a box after two weeks to see if it has any blank spots. It’s never too late to fill in with more plants, or replace one that has not fared well.

I love the brightly colored rectangular planters from Loll Designs for getting a window box started. They are great on railings or down the center of an outdoor dining table, and they come in several great sizes and colors.


Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Richard Woods


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I know I mentioned Richard Woods when talking about the 9 by Design house on the West Side Highway. I thought I’d swipe a few images from his site and tempt you to go visit it. Woods plays with graphics and materials in unique ways, playing with expected conventions and artfully amping them up. Before I checked out his website I was familiar with his faux brick house and his furniture, but I hadn’t checked out his entire body of work. Here are a few favorites:

all images from


Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Dream Loft Real Estate (Atlanta)


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I was dropping stuff off at the Salvation Army on the West Side of Midtown Atlanta last week (yup, my effort to avoid winding up on Hoarders continues – this was from attic crawl space number three) and I found myself completely taken by Allied Factory Lofts. As I stopped to take a picture, I noticed that one of the units was for sale. While I live in a cottage in town on a postage stamp lot, I sometimes dream of going more urban and moving into a loft. Not one of those brand new high rises that calls itself a loft building, but a true Flashdance-esque converted warehouse or factory. This place is a 2 bedroom/2 bath that has been super glammed up, and when I picked up the flyer, it was priced just under $300K:

I cannot even imagine how much this place would cost if it were in NYC! Anyway, if you are interested, the West Side is becoming very artsy and cool (salvage yards meet high end design shops, artist studios meet dive blues bars), and you can find out the details about it here.


Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Flickr Faves on Fridays


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Fun Summer Color! I just love this charming scene from flickr member Lillian Day:

Morning sun

Geraniums, a floral pop pillow, a darling bench, some shade, and even the red plastic watering can make this such an inviting stoop.


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