Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Design in Action: Submit Your Photos!


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Have you noticed our Design in Action action yet? In a nutshell, we want to see what you order from us around your home. Email us a shot and you’ll get $10 off your next order. Email us a picture with you or a friend in the shot and you’ll be entered to win a $200 drawing that month! Not a bad deal considering how easy camera phones are to use these days. Don’t fret over making things perfect, calling a makeup artist, or even making your bed (who knows, it could come out very Todd Selby unmade!) You can involve your family, your pets or random strangers who happen to be nearby.

The Design in Action shot I’m digging today (above) was submitted by Maleka, and it shows off the Pop and Lolli fabric wall decals called My Name Is (Alphabet). While we love the fun font on these wall decals, we like the model even more!

More information on Design in Action | Order the wall decals | Read Pop and Lolli’s Designer Interview


Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Act Quickly: It’s the End of Our Five Day Sale


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Sale ends November 29th, 2011. By simply entering the coupon code DRUNKUNCLE, you can save 15% on practically anything when you spend $99 or more. It’s a great time to knock out that gift list and have everything delivered in time for the holidays without having to leave the very spot where you’re sitting right now. Even better, it’s a great time to treat yourself. Here are a few suggestions for your giftees and your own dang self!

Thomas Paul. It hardly ever goes on sale, so now’s your big chance.

FOR THEM:Above is one of the gorgeously rendered Botanical pillows, a true favorite of mine.

FOR YOU: Perhaps you’ve been wanting to splurge on one of the amazing Thomas Paul rugs? Now’s the time, when you can take a hefty chunk out of your total:

FOR THEM: Looking for a gift for a hostess type? Consider the many placemats offered by Modern Twist:

FOR YOU: How about investing in the piece of a lifetime, one with clean modern lines that you’ll haul with you on every move? The PCH Dresser by MASH Studios  is a great investment because it’s a versatile piece. It works well as a bedroom dresser, but is also the perfect height for that big Samsung flat screen you scored on Black Friday:

FOR THEM: Well, for those who love dachshunds, anyway! This My Pet Lamp from OFFI is the cutest:

FOR YOU: How about setting things up for that big January D.I.Y. Improve Your Home energy streak you’ll have going on? Consider Inhabit Wall Flats, which are anything but flat! They add way cool texture to your walls without requiring a call to the tile guy:

Whatever you decide, there are very few exclusions to the sale, so grab these deals before it ends!