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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Family Shelter


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Our friend Vanessa de Vargas let us know about a great project she is involved in called Family Shelter and they need help. Here is her description of the project:

I just recently came on as Lead Interior Designer/Coordinator for this fantastic new 18 room shelter project called Upward Bound House in Culver City. I have organized 17 other Los Angeles based interior designers, who like myself are all putting in our time and effort to decorate our own room for the new shelter.

Each designer essentially adopts an apartment for a year that will help with temporary housing for 4 families.
The shelter will be opening its doors Feb 1st, so we are working around the clock to get the rooms designed in time for the new families.

We are in need of donations to furnish each of the rooms that include chairs, tables, shelving units, side tables, lighting etc. And are especially in need of new bathroom and bedding accessories.
Each designer has to come up with their own donations (we do not have a decorating budget) so I am asking you to please help us with a small donation.

All donations are tax deductible, just provide me with your address I can mail out a receipt for each donation.
Cash, checks, any products and gift cards ie Ross, Bed Bath and Beyond, Marshals, TJ Maxx, Home Goods etc. would be perfect stores that we can purchase from.

You can make the check or gift card out to:
Vanessa De Vargas
633 Palms Blvd. Unit A
Venice, CA 90291

Thank you for taking he time to read my note and hope that with the support from our friends, family and colleagues we can create a beautiful space for these families!

To read more about the project and to learn how you can get involved, read this article at California Home and Design and learn more about Upward Bound House, click here.


Thursday, December 17th, 2009

The Rosenbaum House: Frank Lloyd Wright in Alabama


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1087079401_73ce6a8f19(Photo by flickr member wahlmic.)

If you live in the Southeastern United States and you’d like a good dose of Frank Lloyd Wright, The Rosenbaum House in Florence, Alabama is awaiting your visit. Designed by FLW and built in 1939 on a budget of $14,000, the house was in a terribly dilapidated state after Mrs. Rosenbaum, moved to a retirement home in 1999. The City of Florence stepped in, bought the property, and spent over $700,000 and several years painstakingly restoring it. Almost all of the furnishings are the original Wright-designed pieces that the Rosenbaums used for decades, and the house is now open to the public for tours. For information about visiting the only FLW Usonian house open to the public in the southeast, or to learn how to become a volunteer there, please visit There is also a great article about the history of the house and the restoration in Preservation.

Speaking of Preservation, if you are looking for worthy causes to donate to as the year comes to an end, consider donating to The National Trust for Historic Preservation. When you become a member, a subscription to Preservation is included and it’s a great magazine.

3210733794_03860ac55fphoto from flickr member alabama tourism department

3210733726_86df8d10ffphoto from flickr member alabama tourism department

2299977400_06c66f10d0from flickr member Parker Anderson


Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Met Home Showtime Showhouse


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I am a huge fan of most of the Showtime original shows, so the Metropolitan Home Showhouse Showtime theme is so appealing to me (even a room inspired by by Dexter). The Tribeca tour is running on weekends through October 18, and all of the proceeds from the $20 tickets go to Housing Works.

Whoopsy, the picture above is from last year’s Dexter house, thanks to Maria for clarifying in the comments section! Dexter’s rooms for 2009 are right here. The entire pointclickhome slideshow for this year is here.

Decorated Life is covering each room after her visit. I know I’ll enjoy seeing all the rooms through her blog! Here’s one of her shots of the hospital/pill-themed Nurse Jackie Waiting Room/Lounge:

Tour the Californication house at pointclickhome:

images from, Decorated Life, and pointclickhome respectively. Click on photos to link to the original sources.


Monday, August 17th, 2009

Speaking of Colorado Ranches…


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It got me thinking about my favorite vernacular architecture in the USA – our barns. As small farmers become scarcer and scarcer, these beautiful structures that dot the rural landscape are falling into ruin as well. If you are interested in helping to preserve America’s barns, check out The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Barn Again! effort.

photograph by flickr member im pastor rick


Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Green Product of the Week: Artecnica transNeomatic Large Bowl


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Well, it seems everything Artecnica is catching my eye this month, even if I cannot seem to ever spell the company name correctly on the first pass! I’m a wicker FREAK, and even I never would have thought to put it together with a recycled scooter tire in a million years!

Tires are pretty much the bane of the planet’s existence. When Lake Lanier was so empty during the drought last year, way too many of them were discovered dumped in its basin. Have you ever seen a tire fire on the news? They rage on for days. I say, whatever uses we can find for used tires, go for it.

While I’m not sure how I would truly use this as a bowl, I picture a bunch of them arranged into some fabulous composition on a wall. A straight line of them would be great in a loft space with high ceilings, and a random arrangement on a smaller wall would be very graphically striking.

Here’s the rest of the scoop on what makes them green, and also how they help to alleviate poverty in Vietnam:

transNeomatic is designed by Estudio Campana and handcrafted by skilled artisans from rural Vietnam. Through Vietnamese non-profit organization Craft Link, Artecnica collaborated with Hai Tai rattan weavers and Hmong women weavers to create each piece. Disadvantaged Vietnamese youths were also enlisted to assemble the totes, providing them with artisan training and a framework by which they could establish sustainable livelihoods.

transNeomatic is a conceptually innovative container bowl crafted from a repurposed scooter tire and natural wicker. Each tire is thoroughly steam-cleaned and finished in an eco-friendly sealant. transNeomatic comes with an optional handwoven hemp cover that slips over its rubber base. Each piece is packaged in a reusable drawstring tote.


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