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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Don’t ask, just do

Melissa Summers, Blogging Baby

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Melissa Summers writes to Suburban Bliss, a blog about, well, Suburban Bliss. She first sent us the following post, then retracted it explaining, “I sent this and then realized this has nothing to do with the topic. I guess I didn’t realize it earlier because designing a house with [my husband] Logan is a little like designing a house with a child.” Ta-da — there’s the tie-in.

My sister in law has exquisite taste and she pretty much makes the design decisions in the house she and my brother share. She once asked my brother what color he thought would be good in the dining room. He replied, “Anything but yellow.” The dining room is yellow.

They told us that story over dinner one night and I stared at them and at my husband and I wondered, why the hell I married an artist. There are no simple design decisions in my house, rather there are complex design battles.

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