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Monday, November 21st, 2005

Un Sandwich pour le Dessert

Clotilde, Chocolate & Zucchini

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From her Paris apartment, Clotilde writes Chocolate & Zucchini. Her philosophy? We like how she puts it:

I love food. The shopping, the looking, the talking, the reading, the thinking, the planning, the preparing, the cooking, the baking, the tasting, the plating, the serving, the sharing, and of course, the eating. But being concerned with health and weight as I am, I am very particular about what goes into my mouth. Mediocre or bland just won’t do. Every meal should be an extraordinary experience in taste and aesthetics, every dish a subtle yet powerful combination of flavors, every bite an explosion of layers of savor. I am aware that this level of perfection is hard to reach, but it’s what I strive towards, and the challenge makes me happy.

Clotilde’s entry is the fourth of our ‘Delicious Design’ event that brings together food bloggers and designers to mark the Thanksgiving holiday and the launch of our new Modern Tabletop category. Enjoy!

Eat Art is an offshoot of ephemeral art that uses food as its primary inspiration or material: the artists’ work focuses on food and our relationship to it, be it emotional, aesthetic, philosophical, social or cultural. This can take a variety of forms — photography, painting, video, sculpture, scenography, installation, performance, object design — and it is, more often than not, a multisensory experience. Some of the exhibitions are edible and are meant to disappear into the visitors’ stomachs, to be rebuilt and recreated the next day.

Un Sandwich pour le Dessert (a sandwich for dessert) is a project I worked on for Fraîch’Attitude, a Parisian art gallery that specializes in Eat Art. Read the rest of this entry »