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Thursday, November 17th, 2005

A love of great plates

Chubby Hubby

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Our next blogger lives in Singapore and muses on food, wine, and marriage. His blog? Chubby Hubby. His photography? Like all our food bloggers, amazing. His take on “delicious design”? Below.

His entry is the second in our ‘Delicious Design’ event that brings together food bloggers and designers to mark the Thanksgiving holiday and the launch of our new Top of Table category. Enjoy!

My darling wife S and I are both devoted design fans. It’s one of the things that we bonded over very early on in our relationship. The fantastic thing is that we also have amazingly similar tastes; we often find ourselves drooling over the same items in our favorite stores, be they chairs or cake stands. Over the half-decade we’ve been together, (and once S successfully got rid of my “bachelor stuff”) we’ve amassed a wonderful array of beautiful things to serve food on and with. And, from what I can tell, we’re still adding to our collection.

So, I was very excited and flattered when contacted recently by Design Public, a very cool online design store that also maintains its own blog, and asked to take part in “Delicious Design”, a week long blogging event it’s hosting during which invited floggers are asked to write on the theme, “the aesthetics of food.” This is a great topic. Read the rest of this entry »