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Monday, November 28th, 2005

Beautiful food

Chez Pim

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Pim “was raised in Bangkok, educated in other places, now lives in San Francisco” where she authors her blog, Chez Pim. She offers up a brief entry, but there’s lots more to feast on in her Flickr photostream, so be sure to check that out.

Her entry is the final entry of our ‘Pass the Mic: Delicious Design’ event that brings together food bloggers and designers to mark the Thanksgiving holiday and the launch of our new Modern Tabletop category. We’ve also created a Flickr group “Aesthetics of Food” to make your mouth water. Enjoy!

What is more beautiful than a plate of pristine fish, so fresh they were practically alive? So fresh, it would have been a crime to cook them. We parted the filets from the finicky bones and buried the little pieces in a mound of gray salt. A few hours later, the glistening flesh retired from the salty interment, they were placed in neat rows on a plate. White, of course. Colors would only be a distraction. Now, all that was left to do was to give a generous splash of fragrant olive oil, and perhaps decorate with fennel pollen, freshly picked from the garden. Dig in with your fingers, letting the oil gently drip down your wrist. When you are done, don’t forget to wipe the plate clean with a chunk of crusty bread.

Beautiful food is elegant design: complex in conception, masterful in workmanship, simple in presentation, and, at the heart of it all, a utilitarian soul.