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Friday, November 18th, 2005

Can I get a recipe to go with that pillow?

Amy, Cooking With Amy

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Amy’s entry is the third of our ‘Delicious Design’ event that brings together food bloggers and designers to mark the Thanksgiving holiday and the launch of our new Modern Tabletop category. Enjoy!

Someday scientists will discover the genetic marker that makes people like me think about food all the time. I’m sure of it. Then perhaps we can be rewired to not be quite so obsessed. In the meantime, most everything I look at reminds me of food. Buildings, cars, clothing. You name it.

Inhabit Saphron Spice PillowTake a look at the contemporary organic pattern of the Spice Saphron pillow. What do you see? Dividing cells? Poached eggs? Wooden spoons? A broken vinaigrette? I see something warm and delicious. Granted the name “spice” combined with pillow leads me down this cozy path.

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