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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Beautiful Doors Around the World


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One of our favorite things to look for on Pinterest are beautiful and interesting doors. From ancient carved wooden versions to very contemporary steel and glass models, doors are an element that makes a huge design impact and set the tone for what awaits inside a home and add instant curb appeal. Here is smattering of a few standouts; check out our entire collection of favorites on our Pinterest Board, The Doors.

Ornately carved doors – Thailand knows how to get it right.

When Art Noveau design reigned in Paris, intricate designs didn’t stop on the door itself but continued around the surround and integrated the entry into the rest of the building’s facade. I love this building connects to and has a bit of fun with classical style while pushing avant-garde limits.

Photo by Bruno Morandi

While Moroccan doors can be incredibly ornate, this one is now more about color and the simple arched shape. Of course it does show the decorative value that can be achieved with hardware, even when it’s painted over.

Photo by Ricardo DeAratanha for the Los Angeles Times

1972 L.A. had some pretty cool doors – these have a sunburst pattern and are bronze.  bronze, sunburst-patterned front door is original to the house.

By Cambuild (Perth, Australia)

This door punctuates the modern facade with shocking red color, making the point of entrance clear and welcoming, then surprising with the way it pivots open.

Wondering what to do with your existing door that may be a little Plain Jane compared to some of these? It’s incredible what some paint and creativity can do. Why not go for an oversized lion’s head ring doorknocker? Or shock your neighbors with a bold color?

Photo by flickr member Yashvé Pérez

I’m not saying you have to go Pepto pink, but the charm of this door (and bike-as-accent) in Dublin can’t be denied.

Are you considering going brazen with your front door? Please tell us about it in the comments section.

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