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Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 Carve out cozy spots for your kids to get that dreaded homework done

Getting the House Prepped for Back To School


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Growing up in places where we trudged back to school after Labor Day, it always shocks me when the school bus hits my neighborhood around August 7. For some of you, back to school is fast approaching. As you clean up the swimming noodles and put away the summer luggage, it’s time to get the house spruced up for homework time. Here are a few ways to help your kids back in the homework groove.

No distractions: A well-organized desk. If there’s room in the house and the budget, giving a kid his or her own desk somewhere in the house that can be closed off and quiet is very important. While most prefer to have it in their own bedrooms, sometimes that can be a stressful hinderance to sleep. If this is the case, give your kid desk space in an adult office, basement, laundry room or playroom. Let them stock it with all the supplies they’ll need to get homework done – highlighters, pencils, sharpener, eraser, pens, power strips, chargers, notebooks, folders, et. al. Having an extra chair nearby can help when parental assistance is needed.

by interiors by nanette; photography by by Johanna Sophia Photography

A built-in workstation. Giving your kids their own grown-up workstations can help inspire them to get organized and get down to business. Use a wall in their own rooms, the playroom or even in your own office space. A room nowhere near where someone else is watching TV is best.

via The Style Files

More relaxed reading only: A reading nook. Reading homework can be done somewhere much more comfortable. Create an inviting spot where all that reading can be comprehended and perhaps even enjoyed.

Mash Studios Lax Edge Dining Table

Some collaboration from parents and a nosh: The kitchen table or island. Tempt kids to sit right down and knock out that homework with a clear kitchen table, snacks waiting and help at the ready (thought I don’t know about you, but fourth grade math is about as far as I can help).

By Shaunna West/Perfectly Imperfect Blog

Getting messy: The craft room. For those dioramas, posters, multi-media (and I don’t mean digital) and science fair projects, get the craft area set up. Mom, if this is your domain, you may have to give up your crafts for a week or so, hide everything you don’t want ruined and let your kids have at your craft area. If kids are still making those volcanos, make sure that project is relegated to the garage or backyard!

Parents, any other advice for homework spaces? Please share with us in the comments section?

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