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Friday, April 12th, 2013

For the Birds – We Still Love Them


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The butt of a Portlandia joke: Yup, after the whole bird flu thing and  their proliferation on everything from coffee mugs to living walls, birds have been dissed lately, but you know what? We still love them and think they are cool. In fact, we’ve had one on our logo since the beginning of Design Public.

If you do do, we say go for it and put birds on whatever things you want. Whether it’s a Charley Harper cardinal on your house or a folk art Eames bird on your shelf, birds that are done right will never go out of style. Here’s a few different bird styles:

Hippie Bird: The white dove, long a symbol of peace became a symbol of Woodstock where it became a free bird. By the way, you can scoop up a poster on Etsy.

Mid-century modern: This little bird was inspired by an original piece of Adirondack folk art that Charles and Ray Eames picked up an honored with a space in their home for many years. They used it in some of their great photo styling, and when their fans inquired about where they could get one, reproductions were created based on 3D models of the original. They are manufactured by Vitra.

Finnish: Over the last 40 years,artist Oiva Toikka has designed over 400 beautiful and unique mouth blown glass birds for iitalia; each one is a work of art. The only problem I have with them is that I cannot seem to choose one; I have several favorites and the first place slot changes daily. Shop a wide selection of them here.

Chinoiserie: This proud peacock adds Asian-inspired flair to the bedroom.

Post-Modern: Kontexture’s take on the rubber ducky gives a nostalgic familiar form an edge.

So peeps, how are you feeling about birds these days? Would you let a heron print in the house but kick out a tote bag with a robin on it? Let us know in the Comments section.

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