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Friday, October 5th, 2012 Sublime Glass Chapel on the California Coast

Goin’ to the (Super-Organic) Chapel


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So some congratulations for some of our Design Public family are in order! Erika LaBiche Lehmann (V.P. of Public Relations) and Morgan Brown (V.P. Product and Marketing) are now Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Brown! Erika’s been sharing the joy by sharing her pictures on Facebook.

What make me laugh at myself today was this – after Erika shared a picture of the entire wedding party outside of the chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, I didn’t think, “Oh, that’s Wayfarers Chapel by Lloyd Wright.” Instead, I thought “I think that’s the chapel where Naomi pulled a Dustin Hoffman and broke up Max’s wedding on the new 90210!” I may think I know my architecture, but the sad truth is, no matter how much I study and try to keep up with design, I’ll always know more about trashy TV shows than any other topic, without even trying.

Anyway, I’m glad a show a teenager should be watching, as well as Erika, led me to the Wayfarers Chapel, a.k.a The Glass Church. What blows my mind is that when Wright designed it back in the 1940s, the cliffside site was barren. Check it out:

I can’t believe how the redwood tress grew up and did exactly what he wanted them to – this is how he put it while he planned:

When the trees that surround the Chapel grow up, they will become the framework, become a part of the tree forms and branches that inevitably arise from the growing trees adjacent to it. I used the glass so that the natural growth, the sky, and sea beyond became the definition of their environment. This is done to give the congregation protection in services and at the same time to create the sense of outer as well as inner space.

I mean, Holy Organic Architecture! I love that while it’s all Godly and glass, it’s also groovy; check out that floor!

To find out how to worship, wed or just visit, check out This is also where I swiped all of these wonderful images from.

Oh, and in case you missed it, check out Naomi, the wedding planner, making a Hail Mary pass at Max, the groom:

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brown!

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