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Saturday, July 21st, 2012

High Design Around the Web This Week


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Hey All! How was your week? Is your summer flying by and you haven’t even begun to tackle your list of summer projects? I haven’t either. Procrastinate another six minutes and look at some of the hot stuff we’ve spied around the web this week, from futuristic speed boats to some short-statured LEGOS.

1. While all of us currently on the coast are trying to avoid the growing great white shark population, it would be tempting to go for a jaunt in this speed boat, or hang off some sort of geometric new-style tube off the back!Can you guess who designed it? Hint: It’s not Frank Gehry, that only leaves one other person:

Via dezeen

It’s called the Z-Boat and it’s by Zaha Hadid.

2. Project Runway started up again this week. While I never thought anyone could top Austin Scarlett’s corn husk dress, Tim Gunn’s blog unearthed a 1930s dress on his blog this week made of grapefruit peels that blew my mind:

via nakedcowgirl vintage

3. I don’t know why, but these LOTR LEGOS just make me smile, so I thought I’d pass the picture on to you!

4. I’m loving all of interior designer Rachel Reider’s works completed over at The Attwater Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island. The rooms are sophisticated, comfortable, colorful and playful. It’s not easy to pull those four things off at once:

5. Another fab interior design website I got to for inspiration is Pulp Design Studios. You can keep up with them via their blog, Hello, Splendor. Here, they put the Texas in a Fort Worth guest room in a chic way, without going full-on, or even partial, rodeo theme:

I even spy a Harry Allen Piggy Bank in there:

That’s it for me this week. Please add links to your favorite posts in the comments section!

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Filed under Interior Designers  |  3 Comments


  1. buddhist says:

    July 21st, 2012 at 10:15 am (#)

    I absolutelly love the futuristic speed-boat. Looks better than stuff from s-f movies!

  2. Brandy@midcenturymodernlove says:

    July 21st, 2012 at 1:28 pm (#)

    I’ve just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can choose to accept or decline but I wanted to let you know how great I think your blog is. The rules are below. Keep up the great work!

    Award rules:

    Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
    Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
    Nominate up to fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
    Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

  3. liondragon says:

    July 21st, 2012 at 8:30 pm (#)

    Love those designs,love your posts.

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