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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Tocky and Clocky Hit the Big Time


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Well, the crazy clever alarm clocks by Nanda Home landed on the front page of The New York Times Home section today. If you’re like Whitney on A Different World and need to hire Dwayne Wayne and Ron’s SHAKE ME WAKE ME morning business to get you out of bed (I miss that show), Tocky and brother Clocky will literally drive you so nuts you have to get up.  Here’s what writer Farhod Monjoo had to say after reviewing several aggressive alarm clocks:

The most straightforward gadget I tested was Clocky. Invented in 2005 by an M.I.T. graduate student, Gauri Nanda, Clocky is an alarm clock on wheels. When it’s the hour to rise, the $39 timepiece emits a cute bubbly animal sound, rolls off your night stand and trundles around your bedroom in the manner of a headless chicken. This behavior is quite adorable when you test the clock during the day. First thing in the morning, it’s not so endearing.

Tocky, Clocky’s bubble-shape successor, has the same problem. It’s better looking than Clocky, and it can play MP3s in addition to sounding alarms. But at $60 [note, we sell them for $58], Tocky is more expensive than Clocky, and just as infuriating. In fact, that’s the point — your rage at springing out of bed to catch the blasted clock is supposed to invigorate you. But is that the best way to start the day? I’m sure that the cliché that couples aren’t supposed to go to bed angry applies to waking, too.

While the author isn’t so sure waking up annoyed and enraged at one’s clock, he acknowledges their effectiveness! And seriously, unless you’re Cinderella with a bunch of birds and mice getting you ready in the morning while you chirp out a happy song, who doesn’t wake up annoyed and enraged at having to get up early?  The point is that you’re up, right?

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