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Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

New Fun Home Design Forum: Meet HomeTalk


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Edward Zitron recently contacted me to ask if we’d be interested in sharing information about HomeTalk with you. HomeTalk is a community of homeowners, renters and home improvement pros who enjoy sharing ideas and advice about home and gardening. After checking it out, I said mos def (just kidding, I know I can’t get away with “mos def” no matter how many episodes of The Wire I have memorized, but I did say yes) and asked him if he would be willing to write us up a little guest post to give you all a taste of what HomeTalk is all about. Take it away Edward! -Becky

Hometalk is a great community to learn from; you can ask questions of and interact with hundreds of thousands of homeowners. You can share and be inspired by projects going on throughout the country in everything from roofing to gardening to upcycling. Speaking of upcycling, HomeTalk’s community boards have been full of members sharing how they’ve turned other peoples’ trash into their own treasures lately. Here are three fun examples.

Inspired by Donna from Funky Junk Interiors, HomeTalk member Laura (of The Ironstone Nest blog) crafted the cool and quirky outdoor sofa from 4x4s, 3x3s and a few pallets:

HomeTalk member Deb B shared “So I have finally run out of clay pots and have moved on to the next best thing. Coffee cans, soup cans, paint cans, teapots, chandelier parts and even anchovy cans for the feet. Meet my newest garden helper:”

Don’t kick yourself for knocking over that clay pot last week, upcycle it like HomeTalk member Cith did!

The best aspect of this project is that it’s completely free; turn the pot cracked-side down in your planting bed and watch as your old flowers take on new life. A similar look can be achieved on a larger scale by turning an old bathtub on its side and filling it with your favorite bulbs and annuals.

Oftentimes, the best upcycling ideas come from simply visualizing an everyday item in a new way. So the next time you go to throw out that used mayonnaise jar, just remember, you can easily make an outdoor light, a terrarium or a hurricane out of it.

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