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Friday, June 8th, 2012

So Five Minutes Ago … Food Trucks …


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… So right now … Art Trucks!

I’m rather in awe that this hit my radar via Town & Country, which I started to receive for free for no reason. While I’m more of a Garden & Gun kinda gal, the issue with Gretchen Mol on the covers was quite wonderful, and I especially love the way they shot her at the newly-renovated Lautner Hotel in Desert Springs California.

I digress. Art trucks are genius. I mean, I just hit a neighborhood festival last weekend where all of these artists have to schlep their lovely wares for miles only to have to set up a tent on a sweltering day and set everything up on a hot day. Why not use a decommissioned short bus, an airstream, an RV or an old Wonder Bread truck?

That’s exactly was artists Matthew Chase-Daniels and Jerry Wellman have done in their home town of Santa Fe. Here’s how they describe their endeavor:

Housed in the back of a custom retrofitted 1970 aluminum stepvan, Axle Contemporary is an art gallery on wheels. We host installations, performance, and thematic group exhibitions of works on paper, including photography, drawing, painting, and limited edition prints. Our mobility allows us to visit both typical art venues and unusual ones, such as high schools, festivals, workshops, empty lots, and city streets.

Gallery space inside the truck

This is one of the most fun ideas I’ve heard in awhile. I love the thought that it could pull up to a school like the old Bookmobile and let kids see an art show; it’s certainly easier than bussing them all to the museum and getting those pesky permission slips signed. Anywhere a Fry Guy truck could pull up, some culture could be added without creating competition. I wonder what other kinds of trucks we should be coming up with? Maybe we need a roving Design Public Airstream outfitted with killer furniture and accessories we could tempt you with? What would you put in a truck and take to the mall parking lots and street festivals? Let us know in the comments section!

Images swiped from Axle Contemporary

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    June 15th, 2012 at 6:01 am (#)

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  2. Jerry Wellman says:

    August 27th, 2012 at 8:23 pm (#)

    Really enjoyed your article. Obviously we concur. Art truck (or art bicycle trailer or art pram or art overcoat) share your art with your community whatever you do, wherever you are! Now is the time to be creative.

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