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Friday, May 18th, 2012

What We’re Clicking This Week


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So, what caught your eye in the design world this week? Here’s what caught mine.

1. I’m loving all the of DwellStudio goods used so well in this Renting: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly guest post by Erin over at Made By Girl.

2. While its’ fun to keep up with the latest red carpet moments in Cannes, I thoroughly enjoyed this look back from the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph and seeing eras that included Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. The stars, the scenery and the photography are all gorgeous.

3. Looking for an inexpensive, quick and easy weekend project? Hop on over to decor8, where Holly will show you how to do a little DIY Drawer Art.

4. Did you pick up a NYTimes yesterday? I giggled as I two features in the same Home Section. The first on The Pared Down Life (dinky multitasking apartments, that whole “try to have less than 100 things” kind of philosophy, compliments of the founder of TreeHugger. Pretty ingenious, but not for me; I like STUFF). The video is pretty neato though.

5. The second was about what NOT to include in those 100 things, in an article titled How to Tell If You’re Over-Propped. Whether or not they meant those two articles to fit so seamlessly together, I’ll never know. It was about how everyone picks up the same props (think vintage typewriter and Edison light bulbs) like a pack of lemmings. It reminded me of the feature they did about the vintage look going mass market they did a few months ago. It also reminded me of the Design Drinking Games I’ve created about in the past. If you want a DDG for over the weekend, drink every time some Joe Blow gushes over some ugly granite or  one piece of crown molding on any HGTV show.

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