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Friday, April 6th, 2012

What We’re Clickin’ This Week…


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Hey all, have you been poking around the web this week? What caught your eye? Did it bring up any big questions, other than “Is Jessica Simpson having quintuplets or what?!?!?!”? Let me know what you found (or what you wrote) in the comments section. Here are five things that I enjoyed this week.

Why I blog by Coffee with an Architect. Jody Brown is so witty and smart and takes all of the pompousness out of architecture. He takes it out, blows it up, and makes fun of it. It’s awesome. I loved his article about how and why he started doing it, which he wrote almost two months ago, but I’m just getting around to. Trust me, once you go “have coffee” with him, you won’t want to leave.

I was so entertained by the stream of consciousness inspiration over at Modern Sauce. It’s like reading e.e. cummings with pictures of cool stuff, and not worrying about having to write some lame high school paper about it later. Somehow it bounces from the title of a fan fiction writer’s bondage book title to ombre tights to Lisbeth Salander haircuts to modern buildings and it all just works.

image by Drew Kelly for Dwell

Anyone who checks in here at Hatch knows I have a cargotecture fetish. I have no idea why. This dude in Dwell has his home office in one, which is atop another one that serves as a bedroom suite, all inside his loft. Check out the entire slideshow over at Dwell.

The Designer Pad: I just really dig this blog. Love the layout, love the font, love the taste, love the little icons down the left side. It’s smart, it’s easy on the eyes and it is a nice way to take a little break from work each day. It even made me click on some super expensive air filter ad on the side, and I actually thought about buying it.

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