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Friday, March 23rd, 2012

What We’re Clickin’ This Week …


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image by Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio

Well, this round up contains a round up. It’s a great one from the National Trust for Historic Preservation (along with Blu Dot, one of still one of my favorite digital newsletters), and it rounds up a bunch of repurposed buildings from around the …what are the kids saying these days instead of “interwebs?” Love for Christopher Guest movies aside, I’m as sick of it as I am of “smitten” and “über.” It’s a shame, because I finally learned how to type that little dot thingee over über, though I still don’t know what it’s called…

Anyway, the image above is from THE COOLEST of the bunch, a home that used to belong to an artist that was recently freshened up by architect Guilherme Torres. I perused it on Treehugger but they found it via, where else, ArchDaily.

Moving on, if you’re in San Francisco next month, be sure to check The Wizard. The Wizard of the Dome, that is, Bucky Fuller. My colleague over at Houzz, Vanessa Brunner, has more info for you.

image via Chronicle Books blog

I needed a little spring cleaning kick, as the pollen is NUTS here in Atlanta and my big cleaning impulse from New Year’s has weakened and waned. Thus, seeing all the people over at Chronicle Books cleaning up their offices made me smile and inspired me to dust, vacuum and tackle more de-cluttering.

Finally, I’m sure most of us have been a renter at sometime or another, and so this post by Taylor Morgan over at Made by Girl is super relatable; it’s called Renting: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. I especially love the Cribs-esque video they made at the end.

Which stories did you enjoy on the web this week? Let us know in the comments section!

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