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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Staff Profiles: Meet Matthew


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Name: Matthew Lieb

Title: Co-Owner

How long have you been with Design Public? Since October 2011

Where do you live? I live in Venice, CA

Favorite designer on the planet? Bernard Brucha at Mash Studios.  I just really like the look and quality of all of his stuff.  It’s built to last.  Doesn’t hurt that he lives in my neighborhood.

Favorite city or town? What do you love about it? London.  I love the energy, the history, the architecture….and the pubs!

What’s your place like? How would you define your style? I live in the Venice, CA canals (featured in the movie Valentine’s Day) so I’m surrounded by great modern architecture.  My place is tricked out with items from Design Public of course!

Image via

A Design Public product that’s on your wishlish? MASH Studios LAX Storage Platform Bed

Movie you think has the best set/location eye candy? Easy Rider

Which reality show are you the most ashamed of watching? The Geordie Shore…English spinoff of Jersey Shore about people from Newcastle (referred to as Geordies).  Let’s just say it’s an excellent adaptation of the original.

What technological advance can you not live without? It’s either my pocket-sized time machine or my iPhone…can’t decide.

Are there any you wish had never been invented? My iPhone.  It’s a love / hate thing.

Favorite App? Hotel Tonight

Describe your dream vacation. A twelve-month trip around the world with one month in each of these places:  Rio, London, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, Hanoi, Sydney, Auckland, Portofino, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Istanbul

Describe your dream home? My neighbor lives in it, which is a bit annoying.  It’s a modern home in Venice with an outdoor living room, floor to ceiling glass, roof deck:

Image by Derek Rath

Hey, that’s actually one of the Glen Irani Architects Hover Houses I wrote about yesterday! Small world.

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