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Friday, February 10th, 2012

Staff Profiles: Meet Todd


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Hey All! You may have noticed some changes taking place around Design Public lately. That’s because the company has new owners! We’re getting some fresh blood and some of us old Design Public fogies are still around as well. Since the new peeps will be popping over to Hatch, helping you with your orders, participating in choosing new merchandise, Pinning stuff to our page on Pinterest, etc., I felt proper introductions were in order. I also felt like we should re-introduce those who have been here for the long haul, because it’s been awhile since you met. Be on the lookout for Staff Profiles over the next month. So, without further ado, meet one of the new owners. Take it away Todd!


Name: Todd Thedinga

Title: CEO

How long have you been with Design Public? 4 months

Where do you live? Who else lives there? Santa Monica. 1 Wife + 1 Daschund.

What’s your place like? How would you define your style? Modern Eclectic. Our place has a lot of different stuff from different designers and periods.

Favorite designer on the planet? I think what Jonathan Ive has done at Apple is pretty amazing work.

A Design Public product that’s on your wishlist? The BluDot Woodrow Bed.

Worst design mistake you ever made? Putting an authentic British telephone booth in my New York apartment. It looked cool at the time, but it weighed about 800 lbs. Needless to say, when I went to move out, there were some issues.

Best design choice you ever made? Switching from PC to Mac

Favorite city or town? What do you love about it? Havana. It’s like stepping back in time.

photos by Steve Wittenberg

Movie you think has the best set/location eye candy? I recently saw Hugo and thought the sets were amazing.

Which reality show are you the most ashamed of watching? Celebrity Rehab

What technological advance can you not live without? Google maps

Are there any you wish had never been invented? No.

Favorite App? Evernote

Describe your dream vacation? Hanalei, Hawaii. Surfing, reading, doing nothing

Describe your dream home? A house on Hanalei Bay where I can surf, read, and do nothing

photo via St. Regis Princeville

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