Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Last Chance to Scoop Up Blu Dot Bargains!

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I don’t know exactly why, but this video featuring the One Night Stand Sleeper made me laugh. It’s called “Mr. Squirrel Has a One Night Stand,” and it is NOT a dirty movie about tree rodents, just in case you were worried:

Did you mean to make a Blu Dot purchase when you first saw the sale announcement but just haven’t gotten around to it? Time is running out; this sale ends on November 8th. I for one know I have total commitment phobia when it comes to a major purchase like a sofa, and I secretly hope I’ll find one on sale as a floor sample or something (this never happens to me). So what better time to pick up the Couchoid Long Sofa than the present? This uber-contemporary sofa’s silhouette is sculptural and unexpected, resembling a model one might whittle from a block of styrofoam. The whole thing is very modern art museum chic.

Blu Dot Couchoid Long Sofa

Next the big bargains apply to yet another sculptural piece of furniture, the Stilt Floor Lamp. I love this lamp because it kind of reminds me of those things that came up out of the ground in that Spielberg/Tom Cruise sci-fi movie where Dakota Fanning just screams the whole time. The movie was kind of annoying, but the creatures were way cool. If they were to mate with a Scandinavian Mid-Century Modern lamp, their baby would look like this:

Blu Dot Stilt Floor Lamp

Next on my wishlist is the Knicker Counter Stool. It also comes in chair and bar stool heights. I learned that there is a difference between counter and bar height the hard way, after buying a bunch of bar stools for what was, apparently, a counter, so be sure to pay attention to that or you’ll only have a few inches of clearance for your thighs! Anyhoo, the upholstered Knicker in Chalk looks like it’s sporting a cozy knit sweater from J. Crew:

Blu Dot Knicker Counter Stool in Chalk Upholstery

In Dark Roast upholstery, it takes on more of a modern cabin look, like it would go great with an antler chandelier or a bearskin rug:

Blu Dot Counter Stool in Dark Roast Upholstery

In white faux leather, it takes on a sleeker, more contemporary persona, begging for some Carrera marble countertops to nestle under:

Blu Dot Counter Stool in White Faux Leather (also available in Chocolate and Black Faux Leather)

So, don’t procrastinate; time is running out to hop on the Blu Dot sale!


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  1. gluten free gift says:

    November 6th, 2011 at 5:27 pm (#)

    MR. SQUIRREL!! Loved the video… but even more impressed with that sofa – we are looking for something just like this 🙂 Grazie!!

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