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Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Organizing Your Time


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Hey All! I’ve been so disorganized lately that I think I need to sign up for this course over at Simplify 101; it’s called It’s About Time and it’s all about making the most of your time and quitting the runaround. I took another class with Abby over at Simplify 101 before and it really helped me clean up and get more organized. However, it’s definitely time for a refresher. That, or watching a Hoarders marathon to scare me straight.

Are you diving into any organizing projects this summer? I used to use this time to put photos in albums, but now that everything is digital, I need a new system for putting books together. Do you have a favorite site for creating books from your photos? I love the books that I have Apple make from iPhoto, but they are WAY too expensive.

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  1. Mary-Candles Lovers says:

    July 15th, 2011 at 7:14 pm (#)

    This course sounds interesting, i have realized that i by the end of the day i still have so much to do from what i have planned for the day, it’s like a 24-hour day is not enough for me, i think i need to get into that class!

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