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Friday, April 29th, 2011

Across the Pond: Union Jacks


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Since it’s a day when most of the world’s attention is on England, I thought I’d pull out this collage we put together around the…

Sitting Bull Fashion Bag in Union Jack (it’s a big smooshy bean bag-ish chair)

White Orbit Chandelier
$450 -

Plastic tote bag
$57 -

$325 -

Thomas Paul Crab Linen Pillow – Aqua
$100 -

Emeco Navy Chair ( 1006 Chair)
$415 -

Juice Box Digital Dock
$99 -

Walker 5 Arm Chandelier
$202 -

Shilf Modular Shelving
$29 -

Fashion Bag – Union Jack
$265 -

Blu Dot 2d:3d Coat Rack
$89 -

Pablo Uno Wastebasket
$48 -

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