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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Organization Wednesday: Going Custom with Matt Eastvold


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Today we’re sitting down with furniture designer Matt Eastvold of Eastvold Furniture to look at some beautiful and functional custom work he recently completed.
Matt, how did this job come your way?
The homeowners contacted me after reading a blog that was following the work I was doing on another modern home.  They were working with a San Francisco architect on doing a full remodel of a 1970′s era house that was in dire need of an overhaul.
Here is a floating vanity that was part of the same project. It’s so great that something that has such heft can float!
The design has a clean contemporary look, but it also recalls the handcrafted attention to detail that gained popularity during the Arts and Crafts era, and could easily fit into a mid-century modern scheme. How did you accomplish this?
The architect had come up with preliminary designs for the cabinetry and furniture and over the course of a year, I worked with him and homeowners to tweak the design and arrive at the best materials.
The design took various paths, all would have been good, but I think we all feel that the final result was the best fit for the house.  It is always my hope when working on a project like this, that it can stand the test of time and be timeless enough to weather decades of fads and tastes.
How was the experience of working with the clients and the architects?
It is also humbling and flattering to be a part of such great projects.  The homeowners and architect have put endless amounts of energy and heart into making sure each decision is the correct one and it shows in this house.
This upper book shelf with its back to the glass hangs from the ceiling:
This bookcase is 14′ long x 7′ tall and among other things, will house a collection of National Geographic magazines that date from 1941-present; they were inherited from an uncle:
Side Note: If you don’t have the means for a large custom piece, don’t fret! There is an entire collection of Eastvold Furniture to pick from! The Eastvold piece I am currently coveting the most is the Eastvold Classic Coffee Table. I tend to let way too many magazines pile up on mine, until they do a big slide and make mess. This table is perfect for tucking books and magazine away while keeping a nice sleek top. It’s also got some sexy legs! Check it out:
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