Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Organization Wednesday: Extra Room in the Fridge


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Arg, as you can see, this was not the most organized Wednesday and I’m running about 12 hours behind schedule! It was an odyssey of breaking a drafting table thing, buying a new one, setting it up, getting distracted with projects, grocery shopping, and then trying to fit all of the tall stuff in my fridge. Which leads me to today’s topic – squeezing every inch of space out of that puppy.

O.K. seriously, does anyone besides Jeff Lewis have a fridge that is this organized?

Sometimes it’s the little things. Let me say I have an old energy and spatially inefficient fridge and I know I should get a new one but I really want a red or yellow Big Chill Fridge and I’ll never have the money so there you have it. I mean, buying a whole bunch of shoes or going on a trip is just so much more exciting than buying a major appliance. Anyway, whether you’ve got some fancy-dancy duel door Ferrari of a fridge or a rusty old icebox, you’re probably wasting space.

Take a good look at your refrigerator and figure out why everything is so crammed. I’m not saying you have to clean the whole sucker out (though that’s a good project that should take under an hour and give you a huge feeling of satisfaction). We’re just going to do a quick assessment. The other day I longed to be able to put some bevvies in the door, and could not find a spare inch. It was because the door was jam-packed with lord knows what kind of condiments I just assumed I still needed. I had about a millimeter of disgusting sugar free syrup. I had five year old mustard. I had BBQ sauce and fancy Dijon mustard my friend Chrissy asked me to stow for her about two years ago when the tree fell on her kitchen and her fridge was unplugged. Natural disasters aside, I think two years equals abandonment. I had soy sauce that was five years old. I dumped out everything, rinsed out the containers for recycling, and had enough door space to store all my sodas, some Pinot Grigio, the new condiments I actually use and some left over.

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Hi, I'm Becky. I live in Atlanta. Besides acting as the Editorial Director here on Hatch, you can find me talking design over at Houzz. Make me happy — leave a comment!

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Hi, I'm Becky. I live in Atlanta. Besides acting as the Editorial Director here on Hatch, you can find me talking design over at Houzz. Make me happy — leave a comment!


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  1. Jessica Beganski says:

    September 23rd, 2010 at 1:39 pm (#)

    I have a big family and small refrigerator. In my house, the refrigerator is prime real estate – only the worthy gets entrance.

    I make a weekly ritual out of keeping it neat and organized.
    When I’m putting away groceries, I shuffle things around and throw out anything unused – family members that put an opened can of soda back in, leftovers older than 2 days, etc.

    We also store things like beer bottles, soda in the nearby pantry so we don’t have to store the entire box in the refrigerator. There are only a few bottles or cans that are kept cool.

    I have nightmares of having a refrigerator that could be on Hoarders…so this is how I cope.

  2. Becky says:

    September 23rd, 2010 at 1:54 pm (#)

    OMG Jessica! Every time I need an organizational jolt I watch Hoarders! I wind up purging a ton of stuff to donate. The refrigerator situations are THE WORST!

    Thanks for the tips, very helpful!


  3. visualingual says:

    September 24th, 2010 at 2:10 pm (#)

    The fridge and the kitchen cupboards are two things that I’m very particular about. I can leave unopened mail on the counter for a week, but my food is always perfectly organized. Anything that’s perishable — leftovers, fresh meat, etc. — is always front and center in the fridge. Sauces and other things are on the backs of the shelves. I’m a big fan of the flavor gradient to help keep everything sorted. To wit: dijon mustard, honey mustard, pickle relish, peanut butter, jam. See? It’s a little trick that helps me have the “proper” place for everything.

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