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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Jane Fonda’s Loft Hits the Market


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Ah, Jane’s loft. Richard and I used to catch glimpses of her from his place at Block Lofts across the street. I’m bummed she’s leaving town. Now her loft is on the market. She took like three or four lofts, bought them all and had it turned into one residence. For those of you around Atlanta who don’t know, it’s in Poncey-Highland, on Ralph McGill right near 2 Urban Licks and The Beltline Bridge.

I am very jealous of Jane’s Thornton Dial collection. I wonder if she had to do with the siting of his public sculpture a few years ago. It’s right up Freedom Parkway just a few hundred yards. Thornton Dial’s work is what originally turned me on to self-taught artists, and now I’ve fallen WAY down that rabbit hole, though he remains firmly WAY out of my price range! If you want to see more shots of the loft or find out how to rent it ($10,000/month), or own it ($4.5 million), click here.

There is something a bit Jane Fonda’s Workout dated about this loft, even though it was just built ten years ago; I’m not sure if I could change it though! I don’t understand the light pink with her art collection, and I’m not crazy about all of that brushed nickel or stainless steel or whatever the heck it is on all of those railings and track lighting fixtures. Doesn’t it seem like an opportunity to do something much more creative there? Something sculptural and unique, especially going up the stairs. However, the location, views, fireplace, and library shelves with the ladder are fantastic. I wouldn’t say no if someone decided to give it to me.

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  1. robyn blaikie collins says:

    May 12th, 2010 at 9:01 pm (#)

    hahahha….. “There is something a bit Jane Fonda’s Workout dated about this loft”
    but thanks for sharing the inside of her space. awesome.

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