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Monday, March 1st, 2010

Intelligentsia Latté at the New York Gift Show


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Before it gets too after-the-fact I need to take a quick break from our Organization Blog Fest to give a quick THANK YOU to the fine folks at notNeutral and Intelligentsia for the delicious latte I was served upon my arrival at the notNeutral booth at the The International NY Gift Show a few weeks back – delicious.

To give a little background: notNeutral has collaborated up with the best coffee people in the country – Intelligentsia – to create a line of durable and beautiful ceramic cups intended to be the “perfect vessels for all things espresso”. The entire project took 36 iterations and almost two years of effort:

“Our desire in designing this particular piece is a seamless marriage of form and function that aids the barista in the perfect pour and balances effortlessly in the drinker’s hand. In this case, the perfect cappuccino cup.

Indeed, THIS is a lovely coffee cup and lucky for me I was able to put one through the paces and enjoy some caffeinated goodness in the process!

We’ll post more about the project later but for now I just wanted to thank the fine folks at Intelligentsia and NotNeutral for the hospitality. Intelligentsia has several locations in Chicago, Los Angeles and now a instructional facility here in NYC. If you’re interested in advancing your barista skills I highly recommend checking out their classes. More on the cups here. Thanks fellas!

From the New York Gift Show

On location Intelligentsia barista pulling shots of liquid gold from a La Marzocco GS/3:

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