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Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Around the Web: Color and Style at Creative Mint


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Do you ever come across a blog that literally takes your breath away? It happened to me yesterday. I’m taking the Blogging Your Way class over at decor8, and Leslie from A Creative Mint is co-teaching it with Holly. While I’d glanced through some of her color posts on decor8, I had never checked out her own blog. WOW! It is all original content, full of little vignettes she creates with papers, tapes, ornaments, fabrics, flowers, you name it. But each one is so perfectly composed. Each ones fits into that post’s color story. Each one contains little projects that make me say “how did she ever come up with that?” It doesn’t seem right to take a photo from over there out of context, but I’m going to go ahead and tease you with one. You won’t be able to stop scrolling once you head over:

As soon as I saw this one, I realized Leslie MUST have gone to architecture school. You know, I knew another architecture grad who started a stationary shop, and this reminds me of the perfect little vignettes she had all over the store.

Image from A Creative Mint

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