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Green TV and Green Interior Design


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Modern Bamboo Becca Stool

Don’t forget to tune into The Lazy Environmentalist’s new show tonight on Sundance. For more info, click here. In speaking with Josh, I was able to find out about some new ways to be greener without breaking the bank or my back. Here’s a list of tips and links. A lot of these will be a big fat duh for most of you, but I realized I hadn’t thought about all of these things all at once in quite some time, and that new websites and ideas pop up everyday, so I thought I’d share. Please share any of your favorite resources in the comments section.

Brave Space Design Light Block

1) Save Water! Road Runner Showerheads. I told you about this last week. It’s the shower head that starts to drip once it warms up. To keep water from getting lost down the drain, put a bucket in your shower for that cold water you don’t want to use on your tender skin. You can use it for dishes, plants, flushing the toilet, whatever. We’ve been using this trick during the Atlanta drought for the past few years.

2) Solar Energy Can Be Yours! Unless you’re Ed Begley Jr., you probably can’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on solar panels to go completely off the grid. Solar City allows you to lease the panels long term, and to lock in an energy rate.

3) Use the Internet to Find Green Solutions! You can find carpooling buddies on Zimrides. You can get rid of stuff and find free stuff at freecycle.  You can swap games at Goozex & kid stuff at Zwaggle. You can get rid of electronics with free shipping and even receive cash back from Gazelle. In some towns, you can get paid to recycle. To find out more, check out RecycleBank and then hound your elected officials to participate. I’d like to add e-decorating to the list. Keep your cost down and your decorator’s gas usage down by checking out e-decorators. I highly recommend Turquoise in Los Angeles. Speaking of interior design…

e-decorating by Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise

4) IF YOU DECORATE GREEN, EVERYONE WILL THINK THAT YOU ARE A BETTER PERSON! it turns out that 2/3 of people who own a Prius buy it for the “hey, the car I drive tells the world that I’m an awesome person” positive feeling. You can show off your awesomeness through your home too. You can find plenty of eco-friendly products at places from here at Design Public to Wal-Mart (click here to see all of the sustainable products we carry). Google makes it a cinch these days, just add “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” or “green” to your product searches. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite sustainable products here at Design Public on a weekly basis just to show you what’s out there. In fact, I’ll pepper a few throughout this post just to show you how hot green design can be.

k studio Dog Pillow – Even Fido can be green. Hemp material isn’t just for Woody Harrelson’s suits anymore…

A few other green decorating moves you can make: When you are getting rid of stuff, donate it or use freecycle. When you are painting, if you are in Portland Oregon you can use Metropaint to get rid of your leftovers and to buy a range of recycled paint. Not in a place with Metropaint? Treehugger has a great list of low VOC paint brands here. Participate in FLOR’s return and recycle program for carpet. Check out Plyboo for beautiful bamboo flooring. Find resources in your area who offer non-toxic finishes, fabrics, and materials like stuffing for upholstery. By the way, these are much better for your health as well. Paul Urban of Baron in NYC is dedicated to finding green solutions to high end design questions.

As for the show, I saw the first three episodes and I loved them. Tonight features a skeptical dad who needs to cut down on trash at his barbeques, and a pet groomer who learns about everything from saving water to blueberry dog facials. My favorite part so far is the hip hop stylist in episode two. He’s a trip, and it’s fun to see him outfit a new artist in eco-friendly clothing and make fun of Josh’s style.

Speaking of The Sundance Channel, is there anyone who has not caught the bizarre Isabella Rossellini’s short film series? I can’t use the title here or else I’ll get spammed by every gross website in the adult industry for using the p–no word, but they are seriously the wierdest thing I’ve ever seen. Check them out here.

Graham and Brown Mode Enchant Wallpaper. For tree huggers in more ways than one…

What are some of your favorite sustainable products and websites? Please share with us!

all photos except e-decorating from designpublic.com. e-decorating copyright Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise LA.

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Hi, I'm Becky. I live in Atlanta. Besides acting as the Editorial Director here on Hatch, you can find me talking design over at Houzz. Make me happy — leave a comment!

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Hi, I'm Becky. I live in Atlanta. Besides acting as the Editorial Director here on Hatch, you can find me talking design over at Houzz. Make me happy — leave a comment!


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