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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Staff Profile – Kerstin!


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To piggyback off of Melissa’s staff profile, let me now introduce another one of our Three’s Company (aka Customer Service Team) characters: Kerstin!

Where are you from? Clearwater, FL

Where do you live now? San Francisco, CA

How did you get interested in design? I started cutting up clothes and sewing them, painting, doing ceramics, changing the way I “decorated” my rooms and other creative shenanigans when I was younger and throughout growing up. As I got older, I discovered new arenas of more sophisticated design regarding furniture and sustainable art, how loose the term “design” is, and how the kiddie painting and grown-up furniture design can work together… Did that make sense?

jefdesigns Home Melamine PlatesWhat’s your favorite DP product and why? umm… I don’t have a favorite, but I really love jefdesigns pieces, and I really need the Area Bruno Bed and some Graham & Brown Mode Enchant Wallpaper, please.

If you weren’t doing this what would you do? Probably be miserable while attending grad school.

What do you do in your spare time? I used to play drums, so hopefully that will happen again soon. I play records sometimes, listen to lots of metal, indulge in adventurous, fancy cooking as much as possible, and bike rides.

What do you like most about our company? Why do you work here? I like the relaxed “vibe” (for lack of a better, less hippy-sounding word), and how comfortable our work place is… Like a fam! That’s why I work here… and I love that I can have writing projects to keep the workload versatile.

hannibalFavorite member of the A-Team? Hannibal – I liked his creepy leather gloves and cigar.

Thanks, Kerstin!

P.S. The photo above of a little girl with pig tails is Kerstin as a wee one. Grade A material for a children’s book, I’d say.

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