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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

WIRED NextFest – Chicago


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If you are in the Chicago area and/or are a design/innovation/tech junkie, the WIRED NextFest event in Chicago’s Millennium Park may be right up your alley. From what I have seen the event has a lot of groundbreaking design work that could potentially foreshadow what we’ll be seeing and using in the not so distant future. Some of the highlights include “advances in sustainable design, next generation healthcare, interactive art and games, and humanoid robotics.”

A few pieces to wet your whistle:

“Don’t just sit – Hoverit”…

hoverit lounger

“Don’t just sit – Hoverit” is the slogan of a two-person British design team who proclaim this chair to be “the first in a series of magnetic hover furniture.” The design visually reminds me of a mix between the hover board scene from Back to the Future and a dental chair, but the Hoverit team says the experience is “more like floating than sitting.” Hmmm. I would hope so since the plastic doesn’t look too inviting. If the plastic scares you away, the designers say the magnetic forces beneath the persons body weight makes for a different feel than what we find in normal “earth-bound” rigid plastic chairs. I’ll believe it when I hover it (hahaha).

Then there is the HumanCar:


We go from Back to the Future (dental style) to The Flintstones. The “HumanCar” is touted as being an eco-loving carpooler’s dream come true. Four seats and a roof provide a measure of comfort, and four rowing handles (for human-powered battery charging) provide the power. I guess this is better than Fred’s foot powered car, yeah?

The WIRED NextFest event begins September 27th and ends October 12th. For all the details go to

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