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Sunday, September 21st, 2008

The East Atlanta Strut


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Saturday I hit The East Atlanta Strut with a few friends and it was such a great festival. The temperature was below 100 degrees, it wasn’t too crowded, and most of the art was affordable. There was something for everyone, from Sweetwater Blueberry Beer to a Midway Sangria, which is basically a big glass of vodka with some berries in it. I walked out a little more poor after not being able to resist a painting from Athlone Clarke. I barely got away from snapping up items from LoveAlison, Yoshimi Hosoda, and Cuyler Hovey-King. Had some of them been able to take credit cards, the damage would have been much worse. I thought I’d share a few shots of the action with you:

I love that this artist drives his bottlecap-covered pickup to the show with the art in the back, and then uses it as his display area.

Mary’s is just so much fun – it’s a gay karaoke bar. Those two eight foot tall green dudes were ALL over the festival. Right after I took this shot, Green God #1′s aluminum bowl boob fell out onto the street.

Ah, it’s a major award, or something like that. Does a leg lamp ever go out of style?

East Atlanta is a great neighborhood chock full of 1920′s and 1930′s bungalows and sweet Victorian houses on postage stamp lots. It is a great example of “old urbanism,” because everything is walkable. The neighborhood is still somewhat affordable, has a good music scene and great bars and restaurants, and it even has a flatiron building of its very own. What’s not to like?

flatiron building photo by flickr member quincunx

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