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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

A Visit from DwellStudio


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We had a special visit from Ashley of DwellStudio on Monday…boy is it a treat when our designer friends stop by! Something spreads through the air and we all get even more excited about the products on our site…a fervor-esque excitement some might say. Ashley gave us the lowdown on all of the new 2009 DwellStudio Baby and DwellStudio Home products which James launched on our site last week…we learned a TON about the new pieces but there are a few highlights I’m just itching to share:

DwellStudio Geometry 1.) The new geometry print is amazing. It is a classic pattern that totally has a lasting quality to it (good for adults and kids and babies alike). Their color choices are spot on and the shapes are as James said, “Reminiscent of an Alexander Calder mobile.” The designs were originally hand drawn giving the pieces a real human aesthetic.

DwellStudio Junior Bus Bookshelf2.) The bookshelves and animal banks are certainly not simple mass produced bookshelves/banks, no, no! Each piece is hand carved and hand lacquered and it takes 100 days for the artists to complete a project. The layers and layers of lacquer make the finish a truly unique and quality piece. Yes, I am in love.

DwellStudio Home Storage Bin3.) I know I tweeted about this on Monday, but the storage bins are HUGE! They are so large I contemplated trying to curl myself into one…unfortunately, I didn’t do it but I might get one just to try. Ha! These can be used for so many purposes…toys, laundry, a towel holder for a bathroom, etc. If you are detail obsessed like us you’ll notice that the inside seams are completely taped so there are no raw edges. Good show DwellStudio, good show.

DwellStudio Baby Organic Cotton Knit Blanket4.) Finally, and this really doesn’t cover the half of what we talked about (i.e. the rugs, the new dragonfly print, the bath mats, the toddler backpacks, the hooded towels, the fun kit, etc)…I learned that all of the kids and babies photographed in their new 2009 collection are friends or family. For example, this little tyke belongs to Molly of DwellStudio. What does this mean? Well, 1.) The parents are incredibly lucky to have such adorable offspring and 2.) These are real parents who work and use and create the DwellStudio Baby products. Their pieces are truly functional and have a tested purpose (beyond looking as good as they do!). If you want to meet another DwellStudio parent (as well as one of the founders!) check out this article recently printed in The New York Times.

Thanks, Ashley and DwellStudio. Please come by again soon…you know where we work!

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  1. ashley says:

    September 17th, 2008 at 3:48 pm (#)

    Thanks Ali! The pleasure was all mine & I’d come hang with the DP crew anyday!

    Now if I could only figure out how to post a better pic of me…

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