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Monday, September 15th, 2008

From The Bird’s Nest to the Aerie


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Wow. I just saw the renderings of the latest Herzog & de Meuron building at 56 Leonard in the AJC today. Holy Moly! My writing has even less flow than usual today, so I am resorting to bullet points for my thoughts on it:

  • All of this playing with form and cantalievers in high rises lately reminds me of all of the experimentation that happened during the brutalist movement. I think architects are playing with these crazy new forms because, well, because they can. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.
  • I’m not quite convinced how this structure fits into the Manhattan context, but one thing that stands out is its relationship to the many stepped back buildings. By the way, the shape of such buildings were an immediate response to building height restrictions, but their forms  wound up heavily influencing many Art Deco buildings in other cities that did not have such restrictions years ago.
  • It’s also even way more JENGA-esque than this building.
  • I like it more than the Chicago dildo building.
  • All I can think about in regards to the individual outdoor areas is that the buildings this tall in Atlanta have falcons nesting out on their balconies, which has rendered them unusable, except to the wildlife guys in the Silkwoody suits who tag the birds and check on them. Maybe they won’t have that problem here, but there sure will be a bird doo problem!
  • Which leads me to how in the name of Windex are they going to wash the windows?

renderings via Curbed (head over there for a huge range of comments and opinions on this design), copyright Herzog and de Meuron, Basel 2008

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