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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

If If Were Off to College I Would…Part Three of Three: Lighting


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If I were off to college I would… think to brighten my space with something other than holiday string lights and a mere/sad desk lamp. There is so much more to lighting than simply preventing eye strain while in dark spaces.

There are pieces that can:

Guard your goods..

OFFI My Pet Lamp Dachshund

Create for an awesome visual in a boring 8′x10′ foot dorm space…

Innermost 5 in 1 Shade

Act as a source of modern inspiration (and light) while studying for hours and hours in your favorite chair…

Pablo Piccola Lamp

And, the light can be a center piece for “study sessions”…

We know that school has started or will be starting shortly for many of you so perhaps it is time to move on. Hopefully something out of the college bedding, seating, wall art, and lighting dorm room decorating tips will spark an idea beyond what you find at the major stores. You can do it, we know you can.

Best of luck in college…Go learn something!

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