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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Peace Brought on by Architecture


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“The library is earthy and spare, planting Modernism’s clean confidence in the blood-soaked dirt.”

O.K., that line is a bit heavy-handed, but this article is more interesting than anything I can come up with today. I keep looking over my shoulder at this page I marked in the June issue of Metropolis. It’s just such a cool story (by William Bostwick) that has it all, like solving problems of bloody civil war and kidnapping right-wing guerrillas with architecture and public spaces. It mentions Medellin, a  word I’ve only heard on Entourage.  It has  bright-eyed architects fresh out of school who win the commission before they even have an office set up.  There is striking vernacular style made from local materials and constructed by the community. I can’t come up with anything half as interesting as this article, so I’m sharing it with you. Go read it in full over here. Maybe you already did. It is the June issue, after all. I tend to let my Metropolis issues stack up like most people let The New Yorker stack up.

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  1. kitpollard says:

    August 6th, 2008 at 5:18 pm (#)

    Funny – I wrote about almost the EXACT same thing 3 weeks ago. I’d also only heard of Medellin from Entourage, then I saw an article on the architecture in Wallpaper.

    Anthony Bourdain also filmed an episode of No Reservations there – it aired the same day as my post. It seems like a pretty amazing place right now, actually. I’m not quite ready to visit yet, but it’s definitely inspirational.

    Those walls are really cool,too…

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