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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Drooling Over the Design at the Zurich Airport


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Zurich Airport

If I was Tom Hanks and I had to temporarily live in an airport like he did in The Terminal, hands down my pick of residences would be the Zurich Airport. As expected for an airport in Switzerland, there were so many quality architectural and design worthy items worth drooling over…from the stairs, to the ceilings, to the check-in counters to the wall lightings to the clocks…

We had to take photos. We had to have the “If we ever get to build our own home we want this and this and this in it” discussion. We had withdrawal symptoms while boarding the plane. Whoa. I never thought I would be uttering such words about an airport!

I also have to admit that while in Switzerland we stopped at a few different McDonald’s eateries (just for bathroom or drink breaks, don’t think too much less of me). Boy, I’m glad we did! McDonald’s + Switzerland = AMAZING! They are about as posh as a typical restaurant or club in the states…with lounge areas, amazing flooring, even Vitra chairs! Yes, I was “that girl”…flipping the chair over to see if it was truly a Vitra chair in McDonald’s. If only a soda at Mickey D’s didn’t cost $7…

  • Photos of the Zurich Airport courtesy of travel partner Cooper Carras.

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