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Black and White Bedrooms and Bedding


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I looked for months for the perfect black and white bedding, and wound up settling on some random duvet from Target that I really liked until I realized that the waitress potential fourth wife on Big Love had the same one in her messy apartment. I was into a big black, white, and yellow phase that I am still in. What I like about black and white is that you can change up your color scheme so easily and still incorporate it. So if tomorrow I decide I hate yellow, I can switch out a few accessories to turquoise instead.

Think of how many different ways this Elle Decor room could incorporate different colors:

This room uses black and white in a much heavier way, with fabric from Michael Devine:

I think this room shows how anything can go with black and white bedding. You know, I’m not even sure this is black and white bedding; I just always assumed the rug and the bedding were b&w. Anyway, you get the idea:

I love the crispness of black and white in this room:

Zebra and the orange are working for me here as well:

Anyway, even though I work on this blog all day and I get a FAT discount (right guys? haha), I hadn’t looked through the latest in black and white bedding that DP has to offer. There’s almost way too much to look through, so I picked out my favorites.

One of my favorites is from our friends at Dwell Studio. It can go light and minimal, like below, or it could be incorporated into a much more ornate regency room. It’s called “Talon”:

(black and white cowhide thingee that looks like spilled oil on the floor has got to go, however!)

Thomas Paul “Nest” pillows would look good with just about any color:

or Chinoiserie, though hot and trendy right now, will never go out of style. Just don’t put a face full of makeup against this pillow:

Kabuki Linen has a graphic punch:

I’m over counting how many zebra throws are in each magazine I receive, but I dig this kind of zebra:

A simple accent that would look great with bedding that’s predominantly white:

Organic looolo Mademoiselle Cushion:

Here’s a link to a great post about black and white by katiedid

I’m also a regular reader of blackwhitebliss, which is always chock full of fabulous black and white designs.

first two photos via  Patricia Gray; the first from Elle Decor, the second from H&G.

Third photo from Domino.

Fourth photo from Southern Accents via Katiedid. Photo by William Waldron.

Fifth photo from Western Interiors via Katiedid. Photo by John Ellis.

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Hi, I'm Becky. I live in Atlanta. Besides acting as the Editorial Director here on Hatch, you can find me talking design over at Houzz. Make me happy — leave a comment!

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Hi, I'm Becky. I live in Atlanta. Besides acting as the Editorial Director here on Hatch, you can find me talking design over at Houzz. Make me happy — leave a comment!


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  1. Jessica says:

    July 13th, 2008 at 5:24 am (#)

    you might like my blog…

    I always loved black and white, and for the last couple of years love yellow as an accent. I feature lots of black, white, and yellow inspiration on the site….

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