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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Thomas Wold: Build a Tiled Chair to Withstand the Elements


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This month Thomas Wold thinks “outside the home” for his monthly ReadyMade article. Most of the furniture Thomas creates is crafted for an indoor atmosphere, therefore requiring a controlled setting to survive. Put any of his pieces outside and Mother Nature will eat away at his painstaking craftsmanship and design. So, why not try building for Mother Nature? The project: “Build a Tiled Chair to Withstand the Elements”…

Thomas Wold Tiled Chair Project

A key ingredient to this project was material selection. Tile rose to the top of the list for its durability and Thomas used its square shape to dictate the design of the chair. Imagine the possibilities of tile for your own outdoor DIY projects…like cubed side tables or a rectangular coffee table!

Check out the June issue of ReadyMade Magazine for the deets on how to make tiled furniture for your own backyard.

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