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Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Design Drinking Games


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Here are a few new objects for our design drinking games. “Take a swig” everytime you see one of the following:

A Globe Collection:


Not-so-casually-tossed Hermes boxes (“casually tossed” Hermes boxes count too). Do stylists just keep a bunch of these in their cars for photo shoots?:


Gaining on the Tom Ford book and The Cabinet of Natural Curiousities, it’s the Tony Duquette book! Also in this picture, another trend, putting an entire shrub into a vase.


Tortoise shells, real and faux. By the way, picture number two is chock full of extra points, so look carefully:



Zebra rugs. Because these are so ubiquitous, to be fair, let’s say the magazine or blog post has to have at least three of them in order to count (I really love both of these rooms by the way, especially the first one):



Photographs in order from top to bottom:

• Southern Accents

• Metropolitan Home

• Metropolitan Home

• Elle Decor

• Domino

• House Beautiful

• Southern Accents

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