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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

DP Customer Profile: Mary Krefting


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DP customer Mary Krefting has it made. 1.) Her oldest child, Mason (age 3), is brilliant. To Mason, a Zid Zid Poof is not just a Zid Zid Poof. Instead, it is a vast mountain for his train set to coast around. Genius! 2.) Her youngest, Sofia (age 1), is the perfect floor model to accompany a TrueModern’s Orange 4 Drawer Dresser (seen below). Well done, Mary. Well done.

Mary Krefting’s TrueModern Orange 4 Drawer Dresser

Mary Krefting

Where do you live?
Marin County, CA

What do you do?
Video game Designer turned Homemaker and Mom of 2 (Mason, age 3, and Sofia, age 1).

DP Purchase/s:
Fauna Balsa Wall Hanging Camel Print
, Zid Zid Kids Silver Poofs, True Modern Orange 4 Drawer Dresser.

What’s your favorite DP product and why?
True Modern Orange 4 Drawer Dresser
because it pulled my son’s room together beautifully and is easy for him to open and close the drawers himself so he can choose his own clothes in the morning.

How would you describe your design style?
I like clean, modern, meaningful furniture and objects tied in with the natural beauty of wood and pops of color here and there, sitting side by side with my heirloom peices like our Turkish chair, which we had reupholsterd bright velvet orange to give it a modern twist.

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you?
Surround yourself with the things you love.

Mary Krefting’s Zid Zid Poof Mountain

If you could redo any space, past or present, what would it be?
Well, we are looking to evolve our playroom into a Moroccan style family play room inspired by a feature I saw in Cookie Magazine which showcased the home of the Zid Zid creators. I want Moroccan lamps, low sofas, a large low table for arts and crafting with the kids, and red burgundy theater curtains. Of course we already ordered the silver Zid Zid Poofs and the Fauna Camel Balsa Wall Hanging from Design Public to get us going in that direction.

Do you collect anything? Tell us of your treasures….Any prized possessions?
We do collect carnelians from the sands of Cronkite Beach. They are tiny bright shiny orange specks in the sand, and I always see them from the corner of my eyes in the right morning light. We put them into tiny glass treasure jars and see who can find the most interesting one. Of course, the best ones are usually found the day after a great storm.

Thanks, Mary, Mason, and Sofia!

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