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Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Around the Web this Week


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I’ve been slacking on my blog reading, and it shows. But Lord is it fun to have a juicy three weeks’ worth of posts to catch up on some of my favorites. I must seem like the crazy over-commenter when I do that – I currently have lost my voice from talking too much so now I’m commenting on blogs too much to make up for it!

Because of my negligence, some of the posts that captured my attention this week are a little dated, but oh well!

1) via Style Court I found out that Edith Wharton’s The Mount is facing foreclosure. Click here to find out how you can help save The Mount! By the way, Style Court never ceases to blow my mind – it is such an excellent blog I just don’t know how she keeps it up so well.


2) It was wonderful to get to know Ninainvorm over at sfgirlbybay. She’s been a favorite of mine on flickr for awhile, but I never knew anything about her or that she has a blog. Thanks Nina and Victoria!


In fact, by coincidence we featured a flickr contribution from Nina awhile back right here.

3) via The New York Times House and Home Section, I found out about MoMA’s new site, which will let viewers follow the building process for five prefabricated houses that will eventually be exhibited outside the museum.


4) Check out the great bathroom renovation ideas over at desire to inspire.  This one is from Robert Courturier:


5) A surreal turn for the trophy head trend, as discovered by Leah over at More Ways to Waste Time:


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