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A few weeks ago I was in a bad car accident in Cabbagetown. After I pulled over and was starting to sob, a couple of guys came running up to make sure everyone was alright. They had heard the wreck from a park about three blocks away. It calmed me down immediately and made me feel so much better.  These are the kind of folks that live in Cabbagetown.  In fact, one of them, Ziggy, was quoted in the paper talking about the neighborhood yesterday – I had been thinking of him this week, because this weekend, his neighborhood was ravaged by a tornado. It’s been wonderful to see how this tight-knit community is pulling together to help each other.



Cabbagetown is a gem of a community in the heart of Atlanta. It was built around the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill, which dates back to 1895.  The neighborhood is full of shotgun shacks and other charming cottages that housed the mill workers. After the mill closed in 1977, the neighborhood fell into a bit of disrepair and wasn’t the safest place to live. In 1999 the mill caught fire, but in 2000, the mill became a phoenix rising from the ashes. Developers transformed the mill into stunning lofts* and the building remains a major Atlanta landmark. I know whenever I am trying to get my bearings, I look for the stacks to orient myself.  This project was a major impetus in the neighborhood turnaround; its strong sense of community and helpful neighbors was revived, and continues to gain strength. This is one of my favorite neighborhoods – it’s the kind of place where you can fill your yard with iron sculptures and paint your house purple and you’ll fit right in. The local haunts like 97 Estoria and the Carroll Street Cafe and Agave are some of my intown favorites.


You may have seen photos of the loft building on the news this weekend.  I was out of town and images like the one below made me so sad.  My heart goes out to those in the neighborhood, but I have faith that the strength of this community will pull it through and only make it stronger.



*By the way, The Cotton Mill Lofts are a perfect example of TRUE LOFTS. Recently it seems every other block in Atlanta is being filled with new construction full of apartments that call themselves lofts. I hope that this trend does not promote teardowns over reuse of great old buildings.

What the hell was up with CNN’s terrible coverage of the event that blew part of the roof of The CNN Center down? The following morning they only had dark images from the night before of their own front door. What the hell is up with that? Too much Nancy Grace and Larry King and not enough real reporting became quite apparent with this incident. Atlanta-based The Weather Channel did not do much better with the coverage either!

photos in order:

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John Labelle, i Report

Mike Toppo, CNN

Katie Hawkins, CNN

Erik S. Lesser, New York Times

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Hi, I'm Becky. I live in Atlanta. Besides acting as the Editorial Director here on Hatch, you can find me talking design over at Houzz. Make me happy — leave a comment!


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