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Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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marth-vday.jpgHappy Valentine’s Day!  Did you know that calories from chocolate don’t count today?  That’s what I’m telling myself as I totally sabotage my South Beach Diet.   Anyway, just a few random notes today:

1) I am SO HAPPY the writers’ strike is over!  I will stop watching shows with  sound bites like “I’m a karaoke host, O.K.?  I KNOW people!”  That was from STDs of Love II on VH-1, as a contestant expressed her concerns about “their connection” to Bret Michaels.  The other quote I liked came from the eyebrow-less Kristy Jo when she asserted “he needs to know where I stand!”  I thought, no bitch, he needs to know what you look like without eyebrows.  Yes, I admit it, I watched it.  It was my nod to Valentine’s Day, O.K.?

gallery_images_episode_11_02.jpg2) Project Runway was excellent last night.  The contestants gained private entry to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and were instructed to glean inspiration from either Greek and Roman sculptures, European paintings, or an Egyptian temple.   It reminded me of The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.   I was sorry to see Sweet Pea go.  She was kind of this sleeper contestant, always seeming like an underdog but churning out some really good designs.  I am totally in love with Chris though.  He cracks me up and I’d just love it if he won.  I guess his personality and sense of humor remind me a lot of the first winner, Jay.  Jillian is very talented but I’m a little over her need to make a coat every week, and really, who wears 6″ heels when they are on their feet working for 14 hours straight?  All Rami ever does is drape and say thinly veiled insults about everyone and America in general.  Christian is about 12 years old and annoying, but he does pop out some funny lines and he’s incredibly talented.  I did not realized he worked for Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood – very impressive.

chapadajulesandstudents.JPG3) My friend Chad (the same Chad who used to get us into the dome room at Monticello, Chad gets around) just took his landscape architecture class on a trip to Brazil.  If you want to get jealous, check out the blog of their activities here.

4)  ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR SAVANNAH?  I’m going there for the first time next week and I’d love to know any of your favorite activities, sites, restaurants, shops, et. al.  Thanks!


1) from Martha Stewart, of course!

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3) from Paisagens Brasileiras 

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