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Friday, September 14th, 2007

Contest Alert for Modern Dorm Room Design!


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2338_photo_1_low_res.jpegContest Alert! If you’ve evolved beyond bare-bones milk crates, crappy plastic clippy lamps, and keg coffee tables, enter the Apartment Therapy and Housing Works My Dorm Room Rocks contest! From my own memories and from scoping out our site, I have a few suggestions and links:

1) Keep the hot pot cleaned out! I’ll never forget the nasty blob with the life all its own that grew in my roommate’s hot pot after she left Chef Boy-R-Dee remnants in it for a month or so!

2) Kegs are not furniture, and they get moldy as well.

3) Fatboys are back and better than ever. You probably don’t have a vacuum cleaner and you don’t want to get near your nasty floor, so strew some of these around for lounging.


4) Don’t drink and attempt to de-loft. Those things are pretty high off the ground.

5) Turn your extra-long single bed into a daybed by tossing a bunch of throw pillows on it.

4173__dp__e300×250.jpg 5197__dp__e300×250.jpg 7294__dp__e300×250.jpg

6) Visit IKEAhacker for genius ideas on how to assemble your cheap finds in creative ways. For instance, look at this great space-saving idea:

7) Save yourself some end-of-the-year spackling by applying wall stickers for decoration.


8) Lighting is key. Flourescent and overhead lights will make those all-night paper writing jags even more uncomfortable.


9) Mobiles aren’t just for infants anymore:


10) A few years back we went dorm crazy. Check out our our Dorm Room Dos and Don’ts, product suggestions for Chillin’ Crammin’ and Crashing, and Ask Becky: College and Dorm for more hints!

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