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Vintage Modern Maven – Meet Frecklewonder


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from frecklewonder.typepad.comI’m sure many of you have stopped by Jenny Mitchell’s charming website frecklewonder many times. Jenny has the best eye for turning other peoples’ discards into absolute treasures, and her merchandising, art direction and modeling skills can’t be beat. Jenny was an acquaintance of mine when I lived in Virginia, and it’s been really fun to watch her create new items (jewelry, totes, magnets, to name a few) and to see what treasures she’s found over the years. By the way, if you ever want to be able to score frecklewonder goodies, you must get on her mailing list – after every update announcement, everything sells at the speed of lightening!

Recently Jenny and her family found and bought their ’60’s modern dream house. The pictures are so much fun to look through. I asked her if I could swipe them and share them with you all over here and she agreed in her usual cheery way. Thanks so much Jenny!

Here they are falling in love with the house before they bought it:

from frecklewonder.typepad.com

from frecklewonder.typepad.com
Jenny is an avid vintage collector, but her space never seems cluttered or full of dusty things. Check out the great magazine (or candy? Jenny, what was that fabulous thing in it’s first life exactly?) rack she uses for her son’s books – it really adds to the room – the rack of books becomes and arrangement of art:

from frecklewonder.typepad.com

from frecklewonder.typepad.com

Looks like they keep experimenting with where to put the vintage cabinet until they find the perfect spot:

from frecklewonder.typepad.com

from frecklewonder.typepad.com

By the way, we all tweak like that during the first few months we move in, but then once we’re satisfied we stop fussing around with things and leave them in the same old spot for decades. Don’t forget to play around like you’ve just moved into a new place from time to time – spring cleaning is a great time to do it. When you move furniture around to clean out all the groady scariness living beneath it, why not try moving it all the way across the room just to check out a new view?

from frecklewonder.typepad.com
In the image above, I love the way Jenny incorporates all of her retro finds into her everyday lifestyle. She’s not putting things on display in some curio cabinet like grandma used to, she’s drinking her punch out of her atomic glass, dammit!

To see more of Jenny’s blog, click on any of the images above or here.

To shop frecklewonder, click here.

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Hi, I'm Becky. I live in Atlanta. Besides acting as the Editorial Director here on Hatch, you can find me talking design over at Houzz. Make me happy — leave a comment!



  1. susan says:

    March 7th, 2007 at 9:49 am (#)

    What a great space that is. It looks as if this is perfect for her. Of course, the apron is the perfect touch. I had to comment, after seeing the first shot in the kitchen. You’ll see why if you take a look at the second entry in my blog. 😉

    Good luck with the new home!

  2. Becky says:

    March 8th, 2007 at 9:54 am (#)

    That’s so funny – your example is like worst case scenario retro! Jenny knows how to keep the right elements and ditch the bad ones!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jennifer Mitchell says:

    March 9th, 2007 at 3:03 pm (#)

    Hey, she’s got my name! But so do lots of others. I don’t think she’s living in my house, though. Tiime to take my meds!

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