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Friday, December 22nd, 2006

8th Day of Design. And the 9th.


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4764__dp__e300x250.jpg OK, so somewhere in between sitting on patios drinking beer in the freakish 80 degree weather in Atlanta in December and the freakish hairdresser party on top of the mountain that ended with me bouncing from drag show to drag show on a Sunday night/Monday morning, I lost a day of design or two in the mix.  I tried to fudge it, I tried to double up, but let’s face it, it’s just not going to work out quite right.  Today I am just going to ‘fess up and do 8 and 9 together.  I’ve got shopping of my own to do and well, I have no other excuse.

So for the 8th day of Design, I am suggesting that you shake up someone’s style with a mini-makeover.  Throw pillows can help anyone quickly switch up the entire look of a room. We have about a gazillion of them, so I’m simply going to provide you with pictures of some favorites and you can link right over from the pictures:









And for the 9th Day of Design, the ultimate THROW PILLOW…


The Fatboy Original in Marimekko KAIVO fabric.  Throw it down on the floor and throw yourself on top of it!


To see our entire selection of throw pillows, click here .  








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