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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

5th Day of Design – Don’t Forget Your Best Friend!


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Are you one of those wack jobs who spends more on your dogs stuff than you do on yourself?  If so, we’ve got plenty for you to get Fifi for the holidays.

7203__dp__e300x250.jpg 1)  Alright, I admit it, I am one of those whack jobs who will probably get this for my cat, Boo Boo. It’s the Fatboy Catbag , it comes in an array of groovy colors, and it’s even got a bad fish skeleton on the side. Yeah, Fatboy has great beds for your dogs too.

3082__dp.jpg2 ) Your dog will feel like he’s pulling up to the counter at the coffee shop with Everyday Studio’s Dog Dish .  This version mounts to the wall for easy access.

4229__dp__e300x250.jpg 3) O.K., back to cats.  If you gave yourself that gorgeous new sofa for Christmas, you’ll want to distract her from sharpening her claws on it with the Elizabeth Paige Smith Birdy Scratcher.

6048__dp__e300x250.jpg 4) If your dog just won’t have anything to do with any finish but cherry, rest assured, Holden Pet Feeders have you covered.  Your modern dog will appreciate the clean and beautiful lines, and the contrast of the steel bowl against the wood finish.  Yeah, whatever, it’s really for you because you are persnickity about every accessory in your kitchen, and the dog bowls would be hidden in an automatic drawer that Fido could push with his nose if it was up to you.  You know what?  That’s O.K.  Pick this up and pretend it’s really all about the dog.  We won’t tell anyone.  Take him for a walk later to assuage your guilt.

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