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Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Do You Have a Small Space and Big Style?


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ssbs_LOGO_FULLCOLOR.jpg Recently, Anna Chai from HGTV’s “Small Space, Big Style” contacted me through our “Fresh New Spaces” flickr group. She was impressed with all of the photos we’ve all been sharing, and wondered if we knew of any good spaces for the show.  I started having deja-blog and realized that indeed, I had shared this information with you a while back, but SSBS is hungry for more entries again!

Now, before I tell you about how to submit, PLEASE do not send your submissions to us here at Design Public.  We’d love to have you share them through the flickr group , but we are simply not set up to handle the submissions.  Plus, it’s not our show, it’s HGTV’s. We’d just really like to see our readers receive recognition for their creativity.  Plus, I am nosy and I’d love to see how you all live and steal ideas!  Also, this has NOTHING to do with showcasing our products or anything like that, we just wanted to pass along this opportunity, and we all really like this particular show.  You may remember that I let you know that Patrick was featured on this show .

Here’s what Anna is looking for:

Here’s the scoop: we’re looking for people & their small homes — apartments or houses that are especially unique, creative, stylish or multifunctional, and under 1000 sq ft.

It’s not a makeover show. Rather, we’re looking for people who have designed, renovated, or just personalized their small space suitable for everyday living. The show has a lifestyle slant and the homeowners or tenants are the main personalities of their segments, which makes it an interesting PR opportunity for anyone in a creative field. Plus, I’ve found that the more quirky and colorful the person, the more they have to say about their home!

To start, we would definitely want to see images of the space. A couple of snapshots in each room would be great! I’m not sure if we’re able to cover spaces outside of the US. But other than that, the only limiting factor is that the space is under 1000 sq ft.

Thanks for your help!

You can contact Anna at

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